Too often children and youth are found in the frontline in armed conflict.

This is the case in regions that are traditionally denounced as war zones like the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, but also in so-called peaceful states like Brasil and the Philippines, where children find themselves increasingly involved in the war on drugs.

These conflicts go hand in hand with the rise of militias, illegal arm trade and recruitment of children and youth into armed forces. Boys and girls are used as soldiers, cooks, scouts, spies, messengers and carriers of arms and munition and aren't spared by government forces when they strike.

KIYO joins its forces with partner organisations to get these children and youth out of the grip of these militia and to help them reunite with their families and their local community. By reintegrating these youths into their families, neighborhoods and school, KIYO and her partners help them find and realise their life projects while making a start at rebuilding the community.