exploitation of children and youth is a wide spread phenomenon.

In the DRC alone, some 50,000 children and youth are estimated to work in the mining industry, where every day they are exposed to serious health and safety risks. Exploitation ranges from work inside the mining shafts to prostitution.

Together with the rapid growth of the tourism industry, the risk of sexual exploitation has also risen. In the Philippines, not only cities but also rural areas have their own entertainment bars, resorts and lodges where young people hang around. Because of low-cost travel and new technologies, it is getting increasingly easy to make contact, and hard for the authorities to track and trace exploitation. People are often unaware of the problem or there isn’t a sound protection network in place to keep a vigilant eye on what’s happening.

Unfortunately, impunity is the rule rather than the exception. The emotional and physical impact, on the other hand, can be enormous. These children are survivors, but lack the necessary means to flee their situation. KIYO works together with partners to face this problem, guide these young people out of toxic environments and offer alternative prospects for the future.

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