Makamba, September 2019

At the age of 2 years and 8 months, Angelo – a little boy from the Makamba province in southern Burundi – suffered severely from a problem with his left eye. His father Alphonse explains : “at first, he had a stain in his left eye, so we took him to the hospital and the doctor prescribed eye drops. Then, the eye began to turn red and swollen in a very worrying way. We took him to Bujumbura so he could be treated, without success.

Back in their province, friends suggested the parents to take the child to the Espoir Hospital in Kibuye, Gitega province. But the problem was that financially, they were no longer able to look after their child. They therefore decided to ask for help from the FVS – Amie des enfants (“Friend of Children”), an ASBL supported technically and financially by KIYO.

Among the activities of FVS – Amie des enfants is the establishment of Solidarity Savings and Credit groups and the creation of cooperatives bringing together these Solidarity groups. During a meeting of co-op representatives, the case of little Angelo was presented and it was decided by the members of the solidarity groups to raise funds for the child. A sum of 120,000 Fbu (about 60 euros) was collected and given to the child’s parents.

Salvator NIBITANGA, President of the Mabanda cooperative, says that “it is thanks to capacity building on children’s rights, on associative life and the management of the income-generating activities that we were able to provide the health care fees to assist the child.

The child’s consultation at the Kibuye Hope Hospital revealed that Angelo needed surgery as quick as possible, an operation which was only possible in Rwanda. Also with the help of solidarity groups and FVS – Amie des enfants supported by KIYO, the little boy was able to go to Rwanda where he had surgery. After this, Angelo came back home where he is currently recovering with his family.

Little Angelo’s parents express their gratitude for the support they received ;  “When the doctor said that my son should be treated in Rwanda”, his mother says, “I was depressed, but KIYO, through the FVS – Amie des enfants, gave me back my smile, being able to treat my child.