In its work KIYO aims to meet the four basic principles of the Child rights committee (CRC).


4 basic principles of children's rights:



Right to life, survival and development


Devotion to the best interests of the child

Respect for the views of the child



To achieve these objectives, the activities of KIYO mainly focuses on five elements



Provision and urgent support

Cover the basic needs (like accommodation & education) & offer psychosocial and legal aid.


Empower caretakers, communities and authorities to apply children's rights by supporting them with training and technical assistance.


To make governments and policy-makers aware of their obligations to take the rights of children into account while making their policies.

Awareness raising

Raise awareness for children's rights among the community through education and campaigns.


Inform children and develop their skills to make sure they can stand up for their own rights.

Our partners


To enhance the sustainability and impact of our activities, KIYO chooses to work with local partner organisations.