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Children and adolescents should be able to fight for their own rights and those of their peers all over the world. Discover several educational tools to work with your students on children's rights



A Children's Rights School is a school where children and adolescents become aware of their rights and those of their peers all over the world. The school gives the rights of the child a place in the everyday school culture: in the courses, in the school rules, in the activities, etc. The children and adolescents who are aware of their rights, realise that they can participate and make change in the society.

To become a Children's Rights School, you work two to three years to create a children's rights culture in your school. Together we evaluate which rights are already established and which other steps can be taken. You are not alone in this journey: KIYO and the other partners from Children's Rights School support your school with tailormade workshops and formations. Schools who completed the whole trajectory can pridefully label themselves as a Children's Rights School.

Learn more at http://kinderrechtenschool.be/



Adolescents often struggle with the complex search for their identity and purpose in life. Many adolescents with a migration and/or Islamic background grow up between two worlds where they do not feel at home in one or the other. Problems of discrimination and social exclusion makes a smooth integration in society harder.

KIYO and Karama Solidarity have set up a project where we want to offer young people with a migration and/or Islamic background perspectives. We inform adolescents about the rights in Belgian society and we connect those rights with the rights in the Islam. In addition, the adolescents visit social organisations in Belgium so that they see how they can fight against social injustice in a meaningful way. Finally we stimulate the adolescents to speak up and take action themselves.  



Make a powerful statement and organise with your class or school a fun fundraiser to fight for the rights of children all over the world. After all, which signal is more powerful than children and young people who fight together for the rights of their peers all over the world?

Here are some ideas to get inspired: 

Christmas market | Exposition and selling of self-made art | Selling roses on Valentine's Day | School dance with a Brazilian theme for the children in Rio de Janeiro | Flea market | Benefit concert | Selling soup or hot chocolate milk during cold winter days | Quiz | Christmas cards | ...

Let us know how KIYO can support your fundraiser via info@kiyo-ngo.be. We are always happy to give workshops about children's rights in your school!