KIYO-team / our staff members

Mélodie Arts


Mélodie joined KIYO in 2017 after having worked for the United Nations on advancing sport as a tool for development and peace, and having managed high-quality international development programmes in Asia and the Middle East at the NGO Right to Play. After becoming responsible for the KIYO programmes in Belgium, the Philippines, Brazil, DR Congo and Burundi, she took up the role to lead the organisation. By providing strategy & change management, she is committed to making an impactful and sustainable contribution to children's lives around the globe.

Michiel De Baere

Education Specialist and Change Facilitator

Since October 2015 Michiel has committed himself to developing the KIYO schools programme, first as an educational assistant and currently as a coordinator of the school operations within Belgium. Michiel carries out various projects in which he - inspired by the experience in KIYO's partner countries - initiates change processes with youth, teachers and the school management. He focuses on raising awareness on children's rights in the world and on empowering youth to stand up for their rights and realise a positive change in society.

Sandra Bootsma

MEL Advisor, Change Facilitator and Programme Manager Morocco

Sandra has over 20 years of experience in the context of international solidarity. She has worked in Burkina Faso, Benin, DR Congo and Rwanda for projects in the agricultural, education and youth sector as well as for organisational development. She joined KIYO in May 2018. As MEL Advisor & Change Facilitator she is responsible for coordinating evaluation and knowledge management processes at KIYO, as well as for carrying out trajectories with development cooperation actors. She is also the manager of the programme in Morocco.

Michèle Plichta

Programme Assistant

Michèle first did a voluntary internship at KIYO, taking care of the organisation of the first global KIYO seminar. She officially joined the team in May 2019. Her interest in international development was stimulated by studying African Development at the London School of Economics and is reflected in her current position as Programme Assistant. She is responsible for monitoring the programmes in Brazil and the Philippines and is also working on child rights advocacy in Belgium.

Katrien Roebben

Coordinator Fundraising & Communications

Katrien obtained an MA in Human Rights at Kingston University in London. She started her career in fundraising at 11.11.11 and gained experience in donor recruitment at ONG Conseil, a company that organises street marketing for nonprofits. Since June 2019 Katrien has been working at KIYO, where she contributes to the development of a new fundraising and communication department. The branding of KIYO and the translation of content to a broader public are key within this project.

Charlotte Vroemans

Finance Manager

Charlotte joined KIYO in 2019 as Financial Manager, after having worked for the Belgian sustainability network The Shift on topics as development, employability and climate urgency. Charlotte holds a Master’s degree in Applied Economics and Sciences (Business Engineering) from the University of Antwerp with a specialisation in Finance and Management & International Business. She is convinced that a clear, transparent and straight-forward financial management of KIYO will strengthen the organisation and its partners, hence the empowerment of more children and youth around us.

Yousra Ben Alita

Accounting and HR Officer

After having gained experience in different sectors and most recently at the department of mobility in Brussels, Yousra decided to commit herself to an organisation such as KIYO, that places children at the heart of its work. Yousra is a jill-of-all-trades and is indispensable in assisting the KIYO team regarding HR, admin and accounting.

Jan Daniëls

Programme Facilitator Brazil

After having worked for Broederlijk Delen, Jan has been Programme Facilitator in Brazil since 2003. In the development of KIYO's Brazil programme, he uses his long-term expertise to further improve the defence and integration of children's rights. Jan works intensively with Brazilian partner organisations that use innovative projects to strengthen children and youth in addressing their challenges.

Céline Baes

Programme Facilitator DR Congo and Burundi

Céline started her career as a Junior Expert in Burundi for Enabel and then worked for Avocats Sans Frontières in DR Congo. She has been working for KIYO since 2014 as a Programme Facilitator in DR Congo & Burundi. Céline managed to successfully build on the KIYO programme in the Great Lakes Region and to enter into various new partnerships.

Roger Camps

Programme Facilitator Philippines

After a career of six years as an industrial engineer in Belgium, and several visits to the Philippines, Roger started to do NGO work in the Philippines. For many years, food security and appropriate technologies were his field of work and contribution to a better life for the Filipino people. Since 2014 he is facilitating the KIYO programme in the Philippines, focusing on the realisation of the rights of children.

Fanny Polet

Coordinator of the joint programme with Viva Salud and Solidagro

After having worked as Partnerships Officer at the NGO Viva Salud for 10 years, Fanny coordinates the joint programme which links us with Viva Salud and Solidagro since May 2017. She facilitates the collaboration between the three organisations and promotes various synergy opportunities in order to reach more and more harmonisation between our three organisations.

Marieke Debusschere

Programme Coordination Assistant

Marieke joined the joint programme between KIYO, Viva Salud and Solidagro in 2018 as Programme Coordination Assistant. She assists Fanny in her duties as Programme Coordinator during the year of the mid-term evaluation. She previously worked for the Red Cross and as a Junior Expert for Enabel in Uganda.