Addressing unemployment and timid entrepreneurship among young people in Burundi, the implementation of the project entitled "Social and economic empowerment of young people for peace and social cohesion" continues to contribute to the emancipation of youth in society, particularly in their own communities. 


Following the training of 480 young people in trades in the provinces of Bujumbura and Gitega, and the creation of peace clubs for social cohesion, the project aims to foster the emergence of dialogue between young people and the authorities at the local level. These "mixed exchange arenas" bringing together young people, authorities and members of civil society are being set up in the eight districts of the project's intervention zone.

In each intervention zone, a mixed arena is composed by twelve people, including four young representatives of peace clubs (elected by their peers), five representatives of local authorities, two leaders and activists from civil society proposed by young people and a project integration agent.

In addition to creating links between the young people and the authorities, these arenas make it possible to reflect together on employment constraints, the local framework for economic activities and many other concerns of young people. In this way, young people can discuss or advocate for the implementation of solutions to the administrative difficulties they encounter and can debate issues related to the social and active life of young people in their neighbourhoods. In the end, solutions are identified and implemented.

"The mixed exchange arena will allow us to learn about the difficulties encountered by young people and to find solutions" says Donatien Niyongabo, president of the mixed arena in the Cibitoke zone.

The implementation of this project is financed by the European Union and is carried out by KIYO and its partners FVS-Amie des enfants and JJB in the provinces of Gitega and Bujumbura.