The annual children's march against violence was held in the centre of Rio de Janeiro on 23 July, as a call to halt the increasing violence against poor minors. Hundreds of participating children, young people and NGO staff want to point out that this worrying trend urgently needs to be turned into effective prevention, such as government investment to give every child the right to education and the introduction of judicial measures to combat the impunity of police violence.

At present, 28% of the murders of minors are attributable to police and army violence and more than 35,000 children and young people die each year as a result of executions. The current government under Bolsonaro also abolished subsidies for inclusive actions for vulnerable children, which will have a negative effect on the youngest generation.

The children's march is organised for and by young leaders who make their own proposals for a better youth policy. KIYO is an active organising partner in this Candelária campaign, which this year, in addition to the children's event, also included a vigil held by movements of mothers who lost their children due to police violence. There was also a celebration in which all religions call to save children's lives and to put children's rights at the forefront of government policy.

Young leaders emphasise that a positive approach and rights defense can give the new generation wings to turn Brazil into a place where every child can acquire a future of well-being.

Video: Candelária 2019