3 years after the signature of the Paris Agreement, the promises made still need to be translated in concrete and tangible action. In Belgium, due to a lack of strong political will we have even seen our emissions rising in the last few years.

We need to speed up, and let more and more people hear it; louder and clear! By changing their food habits, mobility means, insulating their homes; an ever-growing group of citizens is already taking action! But they demand more: More clean air, more cycling paths, less deforestation, less plastic in the seas & oceans, more renewable energy, more international solidarity, a better future for our children! In short: A strong political commitment to fight climate change!

During the opening day of the International Climate Summit #COP24, Klimaatcoalitie Coalition Climate and Climate Express call, together with all of you, upon our Belgian politicians to adopt ambitious climate policies at global, European and national level. Policies that will limit global warming to max 1.5°C, compatible with the Paris Agreement. And to do this via a socially just transition, for everyone and by everyone: including the workers from endangered sectors and companies, people from the Global South, refugees. This also means that Belgium - as an historical polluter - shall support the most vulnerable countries in this transition, and should take action to adapt to the effects of global warming. We come on the street for climate justice, in Belgium and worldwide!

Expect a lot of enthusiasm for the climate. This is not the usual march through the streets of Brussels: Together we will make a real climate show, with a surprising ending.

GET ORGANISED! Lubricate the chain of your bicycle, dust your canoe, plan your train trip, together with all your aunts and uncles, friends and neighbours! And don’t forget to REGISTER YOUR ROUTE to Brussels at