Corporate partnerships

Why become a KIYO-partner?

  • You can play an active role in the production of a structural and sustainable solution to protect the rights of the child.
  • You can play an important part in the stimulation of active citizenship of children and the youth in Belgium and in the South.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can enhance your brand image.
  • CSR can be a tool to differentiate you from other players in the market.
  • CSR improves the involvement and motivation of your staff.
  • CSR can enlarge the loyalty of your clients or can persuade your prospects to choose your company.
  • KIYO works with local projects and organisations because it leads to more concrete and sustainable results.
  • You can expect transparency on the use of your donation.

Your donation is tax deductible!

On top of all the previous advantages, is your donation also tax deductible. The tax deduction contains 45% of the donation. The total donation can go up to 10% of the total net income (with a limit of 376 350 euros).

How can you help?

KIYO can use a financial boost to secure the work of KIYO and her partners and their battle for the

protection of children's rights. Every contribution, small or big, on a single or regular basis makes a big difference for KIYO. With donations on a regular basis KIYO can make a structural change. Furthermore, when you made a donation, you can expect transparency on how your donation has been used.

Donate via our account number: BE13435025856139

Connect your unique qualities to an unique project and strive for a just world. Together, we can create a project that supports the vision and the values of your company as well as those of KIYO. KIYO will fulfil a supporting role in the preparation and implementation of your project.

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Involve everyone in your company in your commitment for the South. Organise together with your staff a fundraiser or a marathon for street children in Rio! Or perhaps some of your creative employees will come up with their own genius plan to contribute to a more child friendly society...

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