One year of medical support for one child

One year of education for one child

One year of balanced meals for one child

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Your donation is tax deductible! Your donation is also tax deductible. The tax deduction makes up 45% of the donation. The total donation can be up to 10% of total net income (with a limit of 376,350 euros).


Why should you become a donor?


  • Small contributions can have a big impact: with 30 euros you can give a child the chance to go to school for one year.
  • Your donation contributes to structural change by providing an environment where children have sufficient food, medical care, protection and education, so that they can stand up for their own rights.
  • KIYO works with local organizations to have a more sustainable impact.
  • By donating on a regular or monthly basis, KIYO can make structural and sustainable change.
  • Starting from a donation of 40 euros, your contribution is tax deductible. The tax deduction is 45% of the donation.
  • When you contribute on a regular basis, administrative costs can be reduced and more money can go to children in the South.
  • You help KIYO work independently of governments or companies.

Your inheritance

When you make your will, you can decide to give a part of your legacy to KIYO and give a generation of vulnerable children the chance to take their future into their own hands. On top of that, a charitable cause benefits from a favorable inheritance tax. Would you like to know more about KIYO or talk about it with our director Iris Bogaerts. You can contact her via or +32 (0) 2 510 61 93.