On Friday 4 October 2019, KIYO organised a round table event. It involved artisans and 24 young leaders who are following a technical training as part of the "Social and economic empowerment of youth for peace and social cohesion" project, funded by the European Union.

This project is implemented by KIYO in collaboration with its Burundian partners JJB and FVS-Amis des enfants. It allowed 469 young people to complete a technical training. This contributes to their socio-economic integration and to the organisation of social cohesion activities, consolidating peace in their respective neighbourhoods.

Various entrepreneurs and craftsmen from Burundi's sectoral Chamber of Arts and Crafts (CHASAA) participated in this round table event. They were invited to interact with young people, share their experiences, as well as good and bad practices.

The round table also provided the opportunity for these two generations of artisans to build relationships and establish a framework that will allow for good collaboration in the future.

Four days before this event, the 24 young leaders, representing the other young people in the project, paid visits to various craftsmen's workshops, according to their area of ​​training. It was an opportunity for them to gain deeper knowledge on what they learnt, as indicated by Anne Marie Ahishakiye, who is trained in soap manufacturing: "The craftsman whom I visited uses an advanced technique, which I had not seen during my training. This visit was very beneficial because I learnt a new way of making soap."

Alexis Nkurunziza, trained in culinary arts, adds: "The visit and the round table enabled me to detect why I did not succeed in launching my income-generating activity. Now, I want to start again because I have a clearer view on where to go."

The 24 young people who participated in the workshop visits and in the round table event will share the knowledge they acquired with their peers. As such, more young people will gain insight into what is useful in their process of socio-economic reintegration. The same activity was organised by KIYO in Gitega.