Visit KIYO Filipino partner SALINLAHI

22-09-2017 - On their way to the Human Rights Council in Geneva for the Universal Periodic Review to defend the rights of children and indigenous communities, Eule Bonganay and Eufemia Culamat made a stop in Belgium. To different audiences they explained the effects from the war on drugs, war in Marawi and the attacks on Lumad schools on children.

Salilahi, an Alliance for Children’s Concerns and KIYO together aim to increase during their next five year program:
1. Children’s participation in social debates and decision-making process 2. The role of civil society as watchdogs for child-friendly budgeting by government 3. Public awareness on children’s rights and responsibilities of government as primary duty bearer, in particular in regards to Child labor and children in armed conflicts.

The visit of Eule and Eufemia was succesful and increased the solidarity in Belgium for children and indigenous people impacted by human rights violations in the Philippines.


5 juli 2017 - Wanneer kunnen we naar huis? Staat ons huis er nog? Waarom bombarderen ze ook ’s nachts? Waarom eten we al een maand sardienen?
Het zijn maar enkele van de vele vragen onder de meer dan 135.000 kinderen van de oorlogsvluchtelingen in Marawi, de hoofdstad van de Filipijnse provincie Lanao del Sur op het eiland Mindanao. De oorlog van de Filipijnse overheid tegen de Islamitisch extremistische Maute groep in Marawi duurt nu al 6 weken met aanhoudende luchtbombardementen op het stadsdeel waar Maute nog steeds meer dan 300 burgers vasthoudt. Ondertussen zijn er 46 burgerslachtoffers geteld waaronder 2 kinderen.

We have a new website!

July 25th 2017 - Finally it's here. KIYO's got a brand new website. Here you'll find more about our vision, mission, projects and educational tools. Make yourself comfortable and have a look around!

Farewell Annelies

July 25th 2017 - GOODBYE ANNELIES!

With a heavy heart we had to say our farewells to our wonderfull colleague Annelies. She was a tower of strength through 8 lovely years.

We'll miss you!