One year after receiving funds from Minister Alexander De Croo in light of ‘Music For Life’, KIYO is equipping these youth with vocational skills to help them engage in economic activities and access to employment.

The trainings are facilitated in two provinces of Burundi. Currently more than 400 trainees, have benefited from training in basketry, soap making, shoe-making and hairdressing. This project also aims to contribute to social cohesion in their communities.

One of the trainees, Cyril is 18 years old and has been training in basketry for the past two months.

‘I like making baskets and I believe it is a good business without much competition. I do not mind being the only boy.’

He added that he wants to overcome the gender-stereotypes that exist among this profession.

‘I already learned a lot in those two months and I feel I am really improving my skills day by day.'

He would recommend this training for his friends who are looking for jobs.