Kayanza, September 2019

Ferdinand – 12 years old – was born in the province of Kayanza, situated in Northern Burundi. Not recognised by his father, he was raised by his mother until the age of 6. At this time, his mother moved to the south of the country to get married, leaving Ferdinand with his paternal grandfather. Ferdinand remained there until he was 8 years old, living in extreme poverty, and sometimes facing abuses by his uncles. When his grandfather died, Ferdinand chose to seek refuge in the streets.  

During their action for street children, he was identified by the OIDEB team – an association supported both technically and financially by KIYO.

Ferdinand regularly visits the « listening Center » of the OIDEB, located in Kayanza. There, he actively participates in activities organised by the centre, such as educational sessions that allow children to prepare for a return to school. In the meantime, he met a lady who has a restaurant and often noticed him coming to ask for some food. She offered him to live at her house, and Ferdinand gladly accepted.

Stimulated by awareness-raising sessions on the importance of schooling, Ferdinand eventually agreed to be reintegrated in September 2018 at the Kirema Hill Basic School. He is currently in the 3rd grade and ranks among the top three pupils of his class.

Today, I feel good and confident that I will finish my studies to become a teacher”, Ferdinand says.